• Dig the land near the toilet out let area about 1.25 x 1.25 meter for single soak pit  Tank.

  • To increase capacity dig more and may put extra Tank to connect as needed.

  • Put soak pit tank in centre .

  • Filled with brick /stone aggregated 1- 2” appx , light stione, thick sand etc inside and outside of the Soak Pit tank area.

  • Connect 110 mm pipe either from direct toilet or Septic Tank.

  • Cover with supplied LID whatever with sand or mortar.


  • Select space with filled dry Sand Or Soft Soil to cover inside bottom Box of the Down Toilet  Body After Sealant  to fixed P-Trap at site from out let of Indian Pan Toilet .
  • Cover Bottom with 5-6” Of Bricks with Mortar to protect movement of the Toilet Body.
  • For  Discharge – to Fix 110 mm PVC pipe fitting connection with Out let of P- Trap direct connect to soak or Septic Tank Or Bio Tank Or Other  Brick  Tank as usual.
  • Septic Tank Or Soak Pit or Bio Tank can be Installed underground or Place on Floor subject  to slop condition of out going of discharge.
  • For Bio Tank Bacteria Imoculum to be filled properly by the technician after complete fitting.
  • Next day it may be used as usual.